Services & Prices

$70 per hour per therapist in OC

  • Multiple massage therapists available for larger business needs
  • 1.5 hour minimum
  • Choose from 10,15, 20 or 30 minute massage increments
  • Prepaid bulk discounts available

Easy online scheduling for employees

  • Spend less time managing the massage schedule
  • Employees use a signup link right from their desk

Return to work refreshed

  • Massages are oil free and performed fully clothed
  • Ergonomic adjustable massage chairs accommodate skirts and all body types

Hand- on chair massages from licensed massage therapists

  • Each massage is customized to fit individual needs
  • Request special attention for stressed neck and shoulders, scalp and headaches, cramped wrists and forearms, tight low back, restless calves, or sore feet

Payment Options

  • Checks and credit card compensations are accepted in advance or on the spot
  • Company sponsored: The Company pays 100%.
  • Split Pays: The company and individual employees split the cost.
  • Employee Pays: Employees pay for their services.
  • Reward Points: to reward your employees based on their dedication and output
  • Gift: Gift a massage to a coworker or a client as a thank you.