About the Founder

Julie Maul

Originally from Buffalo NY, Julie Maul has resided in Huntington Beach, CA, since 2004. She graduated, cum Laude, from Holy Cross College near Boston, MA, and holds a BA in Psychology. She worked for several years with Autistic children, and then on Brown University research projects with people who have chronic anxiety and depression.

Upon moving to CA in search of good weather, Julie did a brief stint in the corporate world in wholesale sales and marketing. She experienced first-hand the deleterious mental and physical effects of too much stress from 8-6. At this point she made a life changing decision to dedicate her life to health and fitness. In 2005, Julie traded psychotherapy for massage therapy, attended several massage schools in Orange County, and has been practicing massage since.

In her private practice, Julie has office locations in Huntington Beach and Long Beach. She specializes in relaxation, deep tissue, pregnancy, and sports massage. She is a sponsoring massage therapist for the triathlon club in Long Beach, TRIBE. In an effort to help individuals in all aspects of health, she works with clients on physical fitness and nutrition.

Julie founded Business Kneads as a result of her personal experience in the corporate world and of her clients’ with corporate positions. “Office related stress and ergonomic related chronic pain is so distracting that it reduces employees’ productivity. This translates to reduced profits for the employer.” Her goal is to help employees be more productive through a brief massage in their workplace. The demand for Business Kneads services has increased, but Julie can only be in one office at a time. She has personally interviewed and tested the skills of massage therapists that work with her to ensure that they are as good as her yelp reviews for her private practice.

In her free time, to maintain physical and mental health, Julie regularly engages in surfing, sailing, skiing, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

Julie’s secret to success is caring about her clients’ needs, both corporate and private, individually, not as dollar bills on an assembly line. She will bend over backwards to make the Business Kneads experience easy for you to introduce to your office.